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t. This paper focuses on the fast and accurate control of micromachined fluidic systems, which can be used to measure glucose levels and for insulin delivery. Daher (French multinational company), ET4000 (French multinational company), Laclede Group (French multinational company) and Spanish company Molins (Spanish multinational company). Li et al. The authors want to state that they have no direct financial relation with Molins, other than being current employees. Searches EndNoteX7.8 Data Extraction We reviewed the abstracts and full-text articles to extract information about the following five areas: (i) identification of the source of the bacterial genomic material; (ii) discussion of plasmid replicon(s); (iii) discussion of bacteriophages (if any); (iv) discussion of transfer and survival of plasmid DNA and of recombinant protein; (v) discussion of replication system and regulation. For some studies the text was read independently by two authors (JP and M-HL). Quality Assessment The authors of the included papers were contacted for information on the most common types of validation and validation methodology used. Information was not always provided in the published material, and the authors sometimes repeated the original publication in full. Data Analysis The data were analysed using Stata 11.0. Where available, the p-values associated with the experiments reported in the studies were used to identify the significance of the observed effects. Results From the 1366 references found, 33 studies were identified that satisfied the inclusion criteria. The majority of the studies were found in the primary literature (Table 1). Of these 33 articles, the only one to use clinical samples was the study by Wu et al. (2015). This is not surprising, as it is possible to obtain a large number of isolates from these samples. Most of the studies were based on a wide range of known plasmid-encoded antibiotics resistance genes, such as the β-lactamase, tetracycline, aminoglycoside and sulfonamide resistance genes (Table 1). The remaining studies investigated plasmid-mediated conjugative resistance genes. Identification of the source of the bacterial genomic material The authors have clearly identified the source of the bacterial genomic material, which was usually associated with a type of microbial strain. In the study by Wu et




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